Malaysia Tourist Destinations: Experience Asia

If you have not been in Asia and you want to explore its wonders, you should never miss the famous Malaysia tourist destinations.

Kota Kinabalu is among the many Malaysia tourist destinations that you can head to while in the land of mountains. This is the capital of Sabah and the place where you can find a lot of activities to do. Kota Kinabalu is bursting with wildlife, caves, and mountains. If you are looking for a different kind of vacation where you will spend time with animals, then this is the right destination for you. You can also go here if you want to explore the mystery of caves formed ages and ages ago. Not only that, Kota Kinabalu also boasts some of the nicest beach in the world such as Tanjung Ara Beach and  Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. You and your family can enjoy the fine beach while eating the cuisines that this place has to offer. There are also cheap hotels here to stay in.

On the other hand, if you are staying in Kuala Lumpur, you can head to the famous Petronas Tower, the second tallest building in the world. You can visit here and get a good view of Kuala Lumpur. But if you want to shop and dine, you can head to their version of Chinatown. This is a well-known place for people who are looking to shop for clothes without paying a lot. Hundreds of stores that sell different kinds of wares litter this place. But if you want to get away from the City for a moment, then the Batu caves can offer you the serenity that you need. This hill is made of limestone and is considered as an important religious landmark by the Hindus. You can ask a tour guide to accompany you while you explore the place but you can also go on your own.

Lastly, if you love birds, you should not miss the Kuala Lumpur Bird park. This is home to different kinds of bird species. This houses over 3,000 kinds of birds. If you are travelling with your kids, you can bring them here to get to know the birds better.

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