Hitchhiking Europe: Who Says You Have to Spend a Lot When Travelling?

Hitchhiking is a cheap way to travel. It allows you to go to places by catching rides from passing commuters. This means of travel is great opportunity for people who like adventure and who like to explore places without needing to break a bank. And while there are risks involve in hitchhiking, there are numerous rewards to it as well.

Meeting new people is among the many rewards to travelling through hitchhiking Europe. Just imagine travelling from one place to another in a car with someone you just met. This is very exciting and can lead to long-lasting friendship. Moreover, when you are in a foreign place, there is no better way to know the best spots to go to than hearing it from someone who knows the place. You even get to know more of the culture of that place by talking to someone who has been born and raised there. Who knows? Your newfound friend might even offer you a place to stay. This eliminates the need for you to rent a hotel. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable living in a stranger’s house, you can opt for low cost hotels. You can ask the person who is giving you a ride for places that you can stay for the night.

Hitchhiking Europe is also cheap. This is perhaps the main advantage to this. Instead of paying tickets for bus or train, you can get a free ride and spend the money that should be spent on your fares to other things. On the other hand, there are some drivers that ask money from hitchhikers in return for giving them a ride. This depends though from where you are going because there are some countries that require a fee. In Europe, however, there is no known rule to hitchhiking. But if you feel giving the driver a tip, then there is no problem to that. At least it won’t be as huge as the actual fare.
But hitchhiking also has some risks associated to it. You might fall into the hands of a driver who does not have a good intention for you. For this reason, you should exercise great caution. Moreover, if you are a female, you should never travel alone.

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