Backpacking Spain: Experience the Rich History for Less

Backpacking is a great way to travel, especially if budget is a problem. As long as you have a durable backpack, a light tent, a comfortable sleeping bag, and a pair of sturdy hiking boots, you are good to go.

Spain is not only known for bullfighting, flamenco, and that yummy paella but it is also home to many historical sites. Backpacking Spain is a fun experience that you should never miss out on. This country is brimming with a lot of places that you and your friends can visit. They have caves, castles that was built in Moorish times, and famous cathedrals. But before you start your backpacking Spain trip, you should know a few tips to fully enjoy your trip.

First, you need to decide the places where you want to go. You can search on the internet for interesting places to visit in Spain. Write it down on a piece of paper so you won’t forget about it. Include the mode of transportation plus expenses, if possible. Having a ballpark of how much you will have to spend in this romantic country will help you determine the money that you need to bring. Since you are backpacking, you are likely to pitch a tent to spend the night but if you are looking to have a comfortable sleep even just once, you should do some research for hotels that offer affordable accommodations. There are myriad of hotels that are “backpacker-friendly” in terms of their rates. You should also include restaurants where your group can dine in unless, of course, you are planning to bring a portable stove to use on cooking. You don’t need to buy expensive items for your backpacking like the tent or the stove. If you are a beginner, you can start from less expensive gears and then upgrade it as you backpack more.

Overall, backpacking is a fun way to travel especially if you are headed for Spain. It is a low cost travel and there are many things to see and do there. Remember to plan the trip well to ensure that you will have a superb time.

Malaysia Tourist Destinations: Experience Asia

If you have not been in Asia and you want to explore its wonders, you should never miss the famous Malaysia tourist destinations.

Kota Kinabalu is among the many Malaysia tourist destinations that you can head to while in the land of mountains. This is the capital of Sabah and the place where you can find a lot of activities to do. Kota Kinabalu is bursting with wildlife, caves, and mountains. If you are looking for a different kind of vacation where you will spend time with animals, then this is the right destination for you. You can also go here if you want to explore the mystery of caves formed ages and ages ago. Not only that, Kota Kinabalu also boasts some of the nicest beach in the world such as Tanjung Ara Beach and  Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. You and your family can enjoy the fine beach while eating the cuisines that this place has to offer. There are also cheap hotels here to stay in.

On the other hand, if you are staying in Kuala Lumpur, you can head to the famous Petronas Tower, the second tallest building in the world. You can visit here and get a good view of Kuala Lumpur. But if you want to shop and dine, you can head to their version of Chinatown. This is a well-known place for people who are looking to shop for clothes without paying a lot. Hundreds of stores that sell different kinds of wares litter this place. But if you want to get away from the City for a moment, then the Batu caves can offer you the serenity that you need. This hill is made of limestone and is considered as an important religious landmark by the Hindus. You can ask a tour guide to accompany you while you explore the place but you can also go on your own.

Lastly, if you love birds, you should not miss the Kuala Lumpur Bird park. This is home to different kinds of bird species. This houses over 3,000 kinds of birds. If you are travelling with your kids, you can bring them here to get to know the birds better.

Find Travel Companion and Have A New Friend

Love to travel? Love to explore different places? But the only problem is that you do not have someone to keep you company? How you wish that you could find someone who shares the same interest and love for travelling? The good news is, yes you can find travel companion and you two can travel together! It may be the perfect way for you to meet new friends and even a new lover perhaps?

You can find travel companion whose personalities, interests and travel plans match with yours. You may even find someone who shares not just the same interest as yours but you may also have similar life situations. For example, both of you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you both want to travel to take your mind off of the matter. Or you both are single parents or any other situation.

Finding a travel companion does not only give you the possibility of finding a new friend or love life, but in terms of your budget and practicality, you will be able to save you tons – well, not exactly tons but a lot of money. Having a travel companion with you also means that you have someone that you can share expenses such as room rent, taxi or car and other expenses. These are just some of the advantages of having a travel companion with you. Also, when you and your travel companion have already finalized your trip, you can also have someone to help you look for low cost travel deals or promos in which the rates, most of the time, are good for 2 persons, so each of you need only to pay half the price, thus, enabling you to save some money which you can use during your travel as pocket money.

However, some people may be concerned with their safety because they think that having someone that you barely know is quite doubtful. Meeting different people online is already a common thing nowadays thus, making it an accepted way and a safe way to meet travelling companions. But before really going on a trip with your new companion, you may want to know the person more before finally meeting them and of course before going out to travel with them. Take as much care and caution as you normally would when you have just met a new person for the first time. It will not hurt to take extra care and caution in these matters. You may also ask for some guidance and some safety advice from some persons that you know who also found and travelled with a travel companion they met online.

Mediterranean Holiday: A Vacation You won’t Forget

If there is one tourist spot that you should never forget to include in your places-to-go list, it is Mediterranean—a real piece of heaven on earth.

Mediterranean Holiday is among the most pleasurable and unforgettable vacations that you will have the opportunity to enjoy. The Mediterranean Sea is famous for their endless stretch of golden beaches, wild mountains, and ancient ruins. Mouth-watering cuisines are also found on this beautiful coast. And whether you are looking for a romantic week or an action-packed water sports, a Mediterranean Holiday can give it to you.

One of the greatest things when visiting the Mediterranean Sea is it does not cost much. Yes, if you are looking for a low cost travel, this is the right place for you. Flights going here are affordable as compared to other tourist destinations. This is also the same for hotel. You can find cottages here that are overlooking the great sea but won’t put a strain on your pocket. Moreover, whether what month you go here, finding someplace that is warm and pleasant is never hard. You can choose to go to Greece, Spain or even in the northern coasts of Italy, Cyprus, and Morocco. In short, the Mediterranean Sea is brimming with countries that could give you the best vacation you will ever have.

Activities are not few when you have a Mediterranean holiday. In fact, the days you will be in this paradise will be spent on scuba diving, hiking a cave, or sightseeing—whatever suits you. Moreover, if you love experiencing the many flavors of the world, the Mediterranean Sea can offer you that. They are abundant in all kinds of flavor be it spicy or something mild. They have restaurants there that would surely make you entice your taste buds and make you come back for more. To make this holiday worry-free, you should plan your trip ahead of time to avoid overbooking of flights and hotels. If possible, book your reservations months away from your date of travel. Remember that you are not the only one who is looking to get a taste of this paradise.

Experience Austria in Summer

For you and your family, the summer time may be the time of the year when you intend to travel the most. Because of this, you have been to a lot of place in the world that you’ve been, and you intend to travel more. This time though, you and your family intends to travel the European continent but are indecisive yet about where to go, in this case, you may want to experience Austria in summer. Austria, being one of the countries in the European continent, carries with it all the niceties that the European culture and nature has to offer. To begin with, summer time in the country can be less warm than that of the tropics.

So, when in this country, you can surely explore all that it has to offer, without having to experience all the discomforts of a hot summer day.

Aside from the conducive weather, Austria in summer is nonetheless as pretty as it is throughout the seasons in a year, in fact, the weather being as bright as it is, it may be the best time to go check out the pretty places in the land such as the Schönbrunn Palace, which is known for its unique and classical architecture, and the Fortress Hohensalzburg, known to be the place where Mozart was born and raised. If you are the type to go for some nature adventures though, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road may be the place to go, as driving through it allows you to see the good things the Austrian nature has to offer, plus the fact that the road is set on Austria’s highest mountain.

Being in Austria in summer, you have do not have to worry though about finding some affordable accommodation in the country, as there are a lot of cheap hotels around town. These hotels though still offer some good place to spend the night in, though you do not have to spend as much. More so, staying in the Austrian hotels is another experience to look forward to, to experience the unique genuine Austrian culture as well.